Welcome New Student!

If you are visiting this page after your first class with us then welcome to the family! This site provides some online tools to supplement what you are learning in class.

We have our school book split into different PDF sections that includes things like Korean terminology, a description of the different one-steps and self-defenses, a list of the requirements for each belt test, our Bible memory verses, etc.

You can launch to our YouTube channel from here to review your most recent form (poomse) as you progress and learn more and more.

  • New Student Page

This is the section of our Students’ Website will help you start your journey with us. We ask that each of our new students, both adults or under 18, register. Classes are free, so registration doesn’t cost a dime, we just need some information as you are now a Miamitown Martial Arts Ministry Student!

Step #1 – Register

Now that we have you in our records the next step will to get a school uniform. I suggest that you take a few classes before purchasing a uniform. Once you are ready to purchase a uniform I (Master Delafield) can help you out with that in class. Uniforms are $35 and you will need a uniform before your first test or tournament. The $35 includes the cost of the uniform with a three color print of our logo on the back as well as the first 3 patches that you will put on your uniform:

  1. Our School Patch

  2. Our Custom “Taekwondo Fist Patch”

  3. And a patch with the American and Korean flags

Once you receive your uniform and patches you are ready for step #2:

Step #2 – Sew your patches on

We have two sets of instructions so make sure you look at what size your uniform is before clicking one of the two links below. Also, our patches have a plastic backing that allows them to be ironed on. This provided so that you can get your patch lined up just right and then iron it into place before sewing it on – that way it doesn’t get all squirrelly on you when you are trying to fool with a needle and thread. Even though they will iron on, this is a very active sport so I would strongly recommend sewing them on.

  • Uniform Patch Placement instructions